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Finding balance in a new work-from-home reality Thumbnail

Finding balance in a new work-from-home reality

We’re social creatures by nature and working from home full-time can be a big adjustment. Finding a good balance and trying to stay positive is key to managing through this period of social distancing. Here are some ideas to help you find your way. 

Establish and stick to a routine

Create clear boundaries between work and recreation. Set up an area specifically for working, either in a separate room or in a dedicated area in your home. Maintaining regular work hours will help give a semblance of order and purpose. Don’t forget to take breaks throughout the day — stand up, stretch, and move around.

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  • Take time to socialize

    Organize a virtual team lunch or coffee break with your colleagues, and stay connected with friends and family on a regular basis. In this age of digital communication, there are plenty of tools to help you keep in touch.

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  • Stay informed but don’t overdo it

    Although it’s important to understand what’s happening, choose credible sources of information and try to limit the amount of news you read or watch. Too much might affect your ability to focus and cause additional stress.

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  • Take care of yourself

    Eating well, getting enough sleep, and regular exercise are even more important during tough times. Dedicate time for your wellbeing. Spend time in nature (even if just in your garden), write in your journal, work on your hobby — do things that give you positive energy.

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  • Above all, be kind to yourself and others — we ‘re all in this together.

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