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The rollercoaster ride Thumbnail

The rollercoaster ride

The S&P 500 index recently reached a new high, with historical data suggesting a potential for continued growth. Despite past downturns, investors who stayed the course saw substantial returns over time, emphasizing the importance of long-term investment strategies.

Corrections are normal Thumbnail

Corrections are normal

Why do we invest in the equity markets? Is it because we love the day to day volatility? Of course not. The reason we invest in the equity markets is when we sat down with our advisor, we talked to them about our hopes, dreams and wishes at some point in the future and how much money we need to live it.

What is an insurance trust? Thumbnail

What is an insurance trust?

An insurance trust is a tool used to help ensure that proceeds from a policy are distributed to beneficiaries in the way that the policy holder intended.

How it works Thumbnail

How it works

Series-T is a structure added to existing funds to provide a tax efficient cash flow for investors.

When the ACB=0 Thumbnail

When the ACB=0

Series-T funds can provide a stable cash flow for many years. But what happens when all of the original investment has been returned as tax efficient return of capital?

Death, fees and taxes Thumbnail

Death, fees and taxes

John Natale, Assistant VP, Manulife, covers strategies for ensuring a hard-earned nest egg left behind for loved ones is managed responsibly.

The value of naming a beneficiary Thumbnail

The value of naming a beneficiary

John Natale, Assistant VP, Manulife, on the benefits of segregated funds for estate planning: Control, creditor protection, privacy, and reduced probate fees.