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Non face-to-face guidelines for E-Application Thumbnail

Non face-to-face guidelines for E-Application

Individually & Corporately owned policies

Manulife has established non-face-to-face guidelines to assist with selling a policy when you are unable to personally meet face-to-face with your clients.

E-Application can be used for all products, all ages and all face amounts. The application must be completed in Canada and advisor must be licensed in the jurisdiction the client resides.

For client identification arrange a video chat using Skype, Facetime, Zoom, phone with your client. Their picture id held up is acceptable, providing the advisor documents this on the application. Ensure you document the client proof of identify such as DL# and expiry date or passport# and expiry date.

Complete the E-Application and supplemental forms

NOTE: The consent for E-delivery section MUST be completed within the E-Application. All owners and insureds must provide an email address and cell phone number to authenticate themselves.

NOTE: Corporately owned polices can’t be e-delivered due to the multiple signatures required at delivery.

Follow the Dual Identification or Credit File Report Method to confirm the identity of the owner

UL and Whole Life policies
Dual Identification Method (Form NN1663) - Fillable. No ink signature required 
Credit File Report Method (Form NN1679) - Fillable. No ink signature required 


Attach supplemental forms within E-Application

Send E-Application for client signature

Client reviews application and provides electronic signature

Advisor receives an email to review and sign the application

  • Submit the signed application to Manulife for processing and receive the policy number right away!

To stay up to date with how Manulife is adjusting business requirements due to COVID-19, refer to the dedicated hub on Advisor Portal and Repsource (login required).

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